Spreads.ca to Pause for Ontario Residents

Spreads.ca to Pause for Ontario Residents

The Ontario Government has enacted recent changes to operating Casinos in Ontario. While Spreads.ca has always served Ontario customers legally, these new changes will impact you starting April 4, 2022.

What does this mean for you?

The sites you have been playing with up until now will need to procure a license to continue to take your bets and let you play. You will need to set up new accounts within these new licensed environments. Your existing account will change, meaning you will be required to start fresh everywhere you decide to play while in Ontario. To receive updates on the new site, please click here: 

Spreads is working on procuring a license within Ontario. That being said, we will not be ready to start on April 4th which means we will need to cease taking wagers within the province. This only applies to people who are physically located in Ontario. If you are physically in another province you will still continue to be able to enjoy all the entertainment that Spreads has to offer. Remember, it's not where you live but where you are when you decide to play.

Nothing will happen to your existing account, except that you will not be able to play any casino games or bet on any sports while you are geo-located in Ontario. Any sports bets that remain open such as futures bets (i.e. The Jays to win the World Series) will be settled after the conclusion of the game. You will be able to log in until further notice and remove any funds that you have with us if you so choose. If you are in another province you will be able to log in and play just like you always have.

Since we launched Spreads this has been a wonderful journey we have been on. You, our customers, have made this so much fun. We will be working hard the next couple of months to get our new offering up and running before Football starts and hope that when we do you will welcome us back with open arms.

In the meantime, we will keep you up to date on our progress and will be posting regular updates on our website, social channels and email. If you want to participate in the development of the new Ontario version of Spreads, feel free to drop us a line as we will be looking for customers willing to offer constructive feedback as we build.

Again, this small bump in the road only applies to people physically located in Ontario. We truly appreciate all our customers and you can feel free to email us at any time throughout this process.

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